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Hi Guys, it’s really nice to be talking to you once again, every time I think of retirement I seem somehow to end up working harder. I assumed that when we completed the journey around the world in 2013, that would be the end of it, it was, as far as the journey is concerned, but not realising it at the time it was also the beginning of something much larger. Right now, Heaven can wait I’m’ busy and the Ultimate challenge are part of a much larger and diverse programme of exciting events that we are planning. To ensure that everyone is kept up to date, I and Keith Rimmer, consultant and website director, and  David Ellery of Viewpoint productions Ltd , together we are updating and restyling the website so as to include regular information up-dates and film clips relating to our activities and future events. Click to view the short film; for more about our proposals, and the launch of Heaven can wait I’m busy- The Ultimate Challenge, book, eBook and DVD set.
A video update from Les Carvall
If you would like to read about the journey that Les and the team undertook, watch short video clips and see maps of the actual route taken then click on the Blue Tab on the left marked Ultimate Challenge and you will be taken to The Ultimate Challenge archived web site.
The Book

The book begins with an autobiographical account of Leslie's life and what motivated him to take on The Ultimate Challenge, then continues with Les and the team, all in their seventies, driving two Suzuki Jimny's around the world.

Les tells this story in his own inimitable way

Based on Leslie's daily diary's... it is a full, frank, no holds barred account of a journey that the group undertook  overcoming  the logistical, personal, technical and mechanical challenges along the route.

Click on the book to order your copy at only £9.99
an ebook version is also available at £3.99 incl tax

Click HERE to find out more about the book

The Film

The epic story of the Ultimate Challenge is told in a six-part TV series and DVD set, on sale now!

We follow Les Carvall and the team from planning and training for the journey of 18,600 land-miles and share the emotional highs and lows of the journey, stunning scenery and their triumphant arrival in New York after five months on the road!
Click above to watch the Trailer

Nearly 3 hours of television featuring footage captured by the team throughout their incredible adventure and reflective interviews with everyone who took part.

SIX Episodes on 2 DVDs.
Total Running Time approx: 156 minutes
Cost: £12.95 GBP
Click HERE to order your copy
from our distributon partner Viewpoint Productions
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